About Us

Success Law Firm is a Law Firm located in Bogor, established since 2014 by Advocates who are quite experienced in their respective fields, including Yudi Kosasih, SH., MH., Nurdin D Gumay, SH., Herdy Sugiar, SH., and M. Fadli Aziz, SH.

From their early beginning, Success Law Firm has selected and defined itself as a professional institution who oriented to providing total legal services, superior in technicality, and commercially feasible.

Success Law Firm has committed to provide legal services in a professional manner, both personal and institutional, in various legal issues; financial, medical, manufacturing, information and technology, energy, plantation and natural resources sectors has been resolved successfully and completely without causing any new kind of problems, it is proven that countless of national and multinational companies have been work with Success Law Firm, and have “zero record of claims for dissatisfaction” with the legal services that have been provided.

Using Success Law Firm's legal services is a privileged, because clients can access all of our expertise, resources, and networking according to their needs. Clients can also explore Success Law Firm's work experiences in solving their problems and needs and also questioning the initial steps for it settlement before deciding to tie their self with work contract with Success Law Firm.

In providing their legal professional services, Success Law Firm always binding and upholds itself to the advocates ethical and professional conduct regulation principles that regulated in Regulation No. 18 years 2003 about Advocates and the Code of Ethics for Indonesian Advocates, so they can be assured to always provide a sense of prudence and security for their clients in their legal services process.

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